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Black Cat Chain Knit Sweater Red/Black

• 100% Cotton• Print - silkscreen• Density 300 gr. / MSize (cm)XSSMLXLWidthXX6167XLengthXX6571XSleeveXX7581XHeightXX154-175175-185XWeightXX45-6060-80X      ..

Sakura Logo Hood

• 80% Cotton 20% Polyester • Print - silkscreen• Density 300 gr. / MSize (cm)XSSMLXLWidthX61646770LengthX63656871SleeveX75788184Height>160154-175170-180175-185180+Weight>5545-6050-7060-8075+      ..

Samurai Tengen Mask Hood

Collaboration with French photographer @komugidoll. The print itself is dedicated to Japanese mythology, in particular the Oni demons. These are large, fanged humanoid demons, inherently very intelligent and cunning. They live in Jigoku, the Japanese equivalent of hell.100% cottonDown white puffs for adjusting the height of the hoodiePrinting - sil..

Turbidity Knit Sweater White/Black

• 100% Cotton• Print - silkscreen• Density 300 gr. / MSize (cm)XSSMLXLWidthX61646770LengthX65687174SleeveX75788184Height>160154-175170-180175-185180+Weight>5545-6050-7060-8075+      ..

Are U Happy Now? Black Tee

• 95% Cotton 5% Spandex• Print - silkscreen• Density 180 g/m2Size (cm)XSSMLXLWidth-53555862Length-65677274Sleeve-35373941Height-165-170175-180180-185190+Weight-50-6060-7070-8085+      ..

Insurrection 3.0 Chain Black Hood

80% CottonUsed instead of lace - chain20% Polyester Print - silkscreenDensity 300 g/m2 Size (cm)XSSMLXLWidthX61646770LengthX65687174SleeveX75788184Height>160154-175170-180175-185180+Weight>5545-6050-7060-8075+      ..

Basic 1/4 Zip Oversized Navy Sweatshirt

• 100% Cotton• Print - Reflective• Density 300 gr. / MSize (cm)XSSMLXLWidthX61646770LengthX65687174SleeveX75788184Height>160154-175170-180175-185180+Weight>5545-6050-7060-8075+      ..

Hinaku Soldier Oversized Black Hood

The print tells the story of a new generation of soldiers. In the same year 2095, due to the revolution in the biorobot industry, the authorities no longer need to hire ordinary people to law enforcement agencies to maintain order. After all, they do it much better - "Henaku".Unlike ordinary people who could only keep order, and technology helped t..

Replicant Girl 1.0 Oversized Black Hood

In 2095, a company that qualifies itself in bio robots made a breakthrough - creating an identical copy of a human face with every muscle in the body controlled by it. This was the final stage, where the distinction between a robot and a human was erased. In the cinema, they were called replicants.• 100% Cotton• Print - silkscreen• Density 300..

Basic Stripes Reflective Black Jeans

100% Cotton (Denim)Reflective stripes Size (cm) XS S M L XL Width X 38 40 42 44 Length X 90 93 96 99 Thigh Width ..

Forbidden 403 Black Hood

Forbidden 403 is a webpage access error that you are trying to open in a browser.  It is called error 403 by the HTTP protocol status code.  The print is a hidden message for the environment and individuals who you don’t want to talk with - "I'm sorry, but my access to you is closed - error 403"• 80% Cotton 20% Polyester• Print - sil..

Remnants Of The Past Reflective Black Jeans

100% Cotton (Denim)Side pocketReflective printSilk screen printing Size (cm) XS S M L XL Width X 38 40 42 44 Length X 90 93 96 99 ..

Sakura Edit Black Sweatshirt

• 80% Cotton 20% Polyester• Print - embroidery• Density 300 g/m2Size (cm)XSSMLXLWidth4951566166Length6470737780Sleeve7579828588Height>160170-175175-180180-185190+Weight>5555-6060-7070-8085+       ..

Cube Black Tee

By the end of the 22nd century, humanity made a breakthrough in the study of spatio-temporal models, proving the existence of the 6th dimension.Each face of the cube is a symbol of one of six dimensions.• 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex • Print - silkscreen• Density 180 g/mSize (cm)XSSMLXLWidth-53555862Length-65677274Sleeve-35373941Height-165..

Gogo's Cry Black Tee

Inspired by one of Quentin Tarantino's best works, "Kill Bill," we decided to dedicate the print to one of the brightest characters in the movie: Go-Go Yubari. Go-Go is the personal bodyguard of O-Ren Ishii, one of the members of the enemy clan of assassins known as the  Deadly Vipers.Go-Go is a psychopath, and particularly bloodthirsty, ..
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